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Brazzos is a fictional TV series which appears in Only Murders in the Building. Charles-Haden Savage starred in it as the eponymous detective. The show ran for nine seasons on CBS[1]


Brazzos is a New York detective who solves crimes in the city. He carries a dental floss toothpick, which he uses to floss while making a point. His catchphrase is "This sends the investigation into a whole new direction". He is very smart and has an intimidating manner when interviewing suspects. In the episode Mabel watches, he interviews a criminal called Zeus, whose real name is Mario Furstenburg. Brazzos tells Zeus about his father who, like Charles' father, was emotionally abusive to his mother. The monologue told us about how he's like his father in many ways and didn't want to risk dating because of how his father treated relationships. This monologue was the only part of the show that Charles wrote.


The Brazzos reboot began production in 2021. It starred Naomi Jackson as Brazzos and Charles Haden-Savage as Uncle Brazzos, her mentor. Uncle Brazzos had dementia until he suddenly recovered. Filming commenced on March 30th, 2021. [2]


The timeline of Brazzos is somewhat unclear. It is often said to be a show from the early 1990s, however, season 7 is referred to as around 2006.[1]


  • "This sends the investigation into a whole new direction" - Brazzos' catchphrase
  • What happens when your second chance becomes your last shot?" - episode 713[1]
  • "Time for the killer to make himself known"[3]
  • "I think our list of suspects just got a little longer"[3]


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Notes and Trivia[]

  • One episode of Brazzos was set in Bosnia. It was shot in Hempstead, NY.[4]
  • In one episode, Brazzos shot a crocodile that was smuggling drugs.[4]
  • Brazzos' father was a locksmith.[5]
  • Sazz Pataki was Charles' stunt double for both stunts and sex scenes.


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